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ugh.  i'm so pissed.  like an idiot, i puchased that jose canseco/danny bonaduce fight just now.  i couldn't help myself.  what a waste of $10!

jose didn't even come close to knocking out danny ~ you'll recall all of his shit talking in the studio the other day.  the fight was a draw that they called "a majority split".  the judges said that bonaduce won 1 round, canseco won 1 round and the remaining round was a tie.  it was funny as shit to watch, though.  danny is so tiny, it was like watching him fighting a giant from a disney movie.  the wack-ass shirt that canseco wore didn't help the visual either.  i wonder if there will be a rematch?  one thing is for sure ~ danny bonaduce is a pitbull.  you can't take that fucker down.
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