Shoe Lover Extraordinaire (just_shoe_me) wrote in howardsternshow,
Shoe Lover Extraordinaire

"Hurt" with Artie clips

 I apologize if this has been posted already, but I didn't think it was.
Howard talked the other day about getting an email with a video of Artie clips to the song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. It's sad enough to make you cry.

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I heard Howard talk about this but hadn't seen it yet; thanks for posting it.
no prob!
So sad. The last few moments with Dana almost made me cry. I love Artie so much. Hope he gets the help he needs.
Me too. I want him back and healthy!
It's so jarring to see him healthy in some of the clips & then so big & disheveled in others. He looked so happy with Dana- I don't think he ever got over losing her...
I agree. that just accelerated the tailspin. Isn't it amazing how thin he looked back then? To see him so large, and just bloated, then the flash back to his days...ack.
Odd how comedy is rooted in pain. Hope he finds a way back.